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  • Fuel Dual Top Plate = Double the Camera Footage

    Monday 19 October 2015, by Cookie

    You asked for it. We’re happy to deliver! The Cookie Fuel Dual Top Plate is the most versatile top-mount camera assembly on the planet. It comes standard to fit two GoPro cameras side by side. It also has a mounting feature for two flatlock camera release plates, plus a host of other mounting solutions. The low-profile mount allows easy access for drilling holes into the helmet for the fitting of Turned On or remote-shutter release products.

    To ensure accurate positioning, we’ll mount the top plates for you. The Fuel Dual Top Plate is $149 USD, which includes factory fitting. If you want to add the Dual Top Plate to your existing Fuel helmet, please fill out this RMA form and ship it to us. Check out our product page for more information.