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  • How to Change the Springs in a G3 Helmet

    Friday 12 June 2015, by Cookie

    If you haven’t changed the springs in your Cookie G3 helmet in more than a year—or if you didn’t even realize it had springs—this video is for you.

    Just like any gear, the springs in the G3’s visor locking mechanism can wear out or even break over time. We recommend replacing both springs at the same time, at least annually, as well as storing your helmet with the visor closed. This regular maintenance helps keep the visor firmly closed throughout your skydive.

    This video takes you step by step through the simple process of changing the springs in a G3.

    How to Replace the Springs in Your Cookie G3 Helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

    Need to order springs? A package that includes six springs and two replacement screws retails for $15.