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  • Join Cookie at CSC’s Drunken Fireside Chat

    Monday 8 August 2016, by Cookie

    Ever wonder how Jason Cooke, aka “Cookie,” got started in the skydiving helmet business? Here’s a hint: It might have something to do with his first malfunction. Here’s his story:

    I started jumping in the early ’90s when reliable AADs, audible altimeters and helmets were not in fashion, and booties, ZP stilettos and Vector Microns were yet to be spawned.

    Within my first year of jumping, I had thrown event last cent of my apprentice wages into the sport, hoping to get on the Aussie Largest Formation Skydiving record, a 50-way in Corowa NSW.

    My gear was an all-red Vector container, fitted with a second-hand Raven 2 main canopy and Raven 2 reserve. No RSL, no AAD, no audible altimeter and definitely no helmet.

    Due to my low jump numbers (~200) and success in the lead-up jumps, my slot for the record was next to the event organiser and Aussie skydiving legend John Stewart.

    The record attempts finally arrived. The ride to altitude was uneventful. Being in the base, I was only one row back from the door on exit. The pack up looked relaxed. “Ready … (deep breath) set … (I can do this) “Go!” … And that’s when shit went wrong. I managed to be lifted upward and speared my head into the top doorframe of the Twin Otter.

    “OH F*%K,” I yelled, seeing stars. Then, once I was free of the plane, blood started to flow.

    This was just the beginning of the events leading to Cookie’s first malfunction. He’ll share the rest of this story (plus shots of Jäger) during Chicagoland Skydiving Center’s Drunken Skydiver History - The Roast of Industry Legends event 12 August. You don’t want to miss this event, so head to CSC, if you can. If not, tune in to Blue Skies Magazine’s Facebook page at 8 p.m. for live coverage of the event, as conditions allow.