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G4 Cookie helmet now available

  • Now Available: Impact-Rated Cookie G4

    Tuesday 16 July 2019, by Cookie

    After much anticipation, the Cookie G4 helmet is now available for sale! The full-face helmet is certified to Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass impact and snag resistance testing.

    New features

    • Additional coverage: The G4 offers more coverage at the back of the head compared to the G3.
    • Ventilation control: You can now adjust airflow into the helmet
    • Quiet: The new design seals the visor to the helmet for a quieter flying experience.
    • Easy maintenance: The closing mechanism is easy to use and requires little or no maintenance for the life of the helmet.
    • Cool: Two rear ventilation ports allow hot air to leave the helmet and the liner is a breathable material, providing a cooler experience.

    Color and customization options

    The G4 is available in 13 colors, plus several side plate color and engraving options. G4 visors are certified for optical qualities, have an anti-fog inside and anti-scratch outside, and are available in clear, tinted, and blue-mirrored colors.

    G4s are available in sizes x-small through xx-large. Sizing varies slightly from G3, so please review the sizing chart before purchase. The G4 retails at $439 USD. Get yours today on our website or from your favorite Cookie dealer. 

  • It's Time. Call your dealer.

    Thursday 6 June 2019, by Cookie

    G4 sales are open to ALL our global dealers. To get your order in, please visit your Cookie distributor.

    To find your nearest dealer please click Here

  • New M3 Colours

    Thursday 6 June 2019, by Cookie

    Our latest M3  Helmet Colours are available. 

    Check our our Lime Green,  Orange and Charcoal, M3 Colours Here

  • Cookie's holiday schedule

    Wednesday 19 December 2018, by Cookie

    Happy holidays! We hope 2018 has been filled with lots of awesome skydives and tunnel flying! 

    Our customer service department in Australia will be closed from 21 December through 7 January but come boogie with us! Our tour rep, Nick Grillet, will be at Skydive DeLand from 27 December until 2 January.

    We wish you a happy and adventure-filled 2019! 

  • Now available: Impact-rated, open-face Cookie M3 helmet

    Tuesday 26 June 2018, by Cookie

    After extensive research, design and testing, we’re excited to announce the impact-rated Cookie M3 helmet is now available!

    The M3 is our low-volume, open-face helmet that is impact certified in accordance with the newest European skydiving helmet safety standard. It’s a great choice for instructors, canopy pilots, military jumpers, newbies, tunnel students—pretty much anyone who is looking for greater protection or just wants to look cool. :) 

    Constructed with an ABS exterior shell and an expanded poly-propylene (EPP) internal liner, the M3 comfortably holds two audible altimeters. The liner is moisture-wicking, and while durable, it’s also easily replaceable. Available in sizes XS – XXL, color choices include black, white, blue and red—lime green and charcoal will be added soon. 

    Impact rating details
    The M3 complies to the newly developed Skydiving Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. This standard requires the design of the helmet to comply with a list of technical requirements, including:

    • Impact testing all areas in varying environmental conditions
    • Snag testing to ensure a parachute line cannot be caught by the helmet
    • One-handed buckle release under load
    • Chinstrap retention
    • Coverage and roll off for secure fit

    The Cookie M3 conforms to this standard under EU Regulation 2016/425. (See these FAQs to learn more about the rating, whether you can put a camera on this helmet or wash the liner, and more.)

    Ordering information
    The M3 helmet comes packaged with a helmet bag and in its own stylized box. It retails for $169 USD and $29 USD for a replaceable liner. Get yours today on our website or through your favorite Cookie dealer. 

  • Behind the scenes: How a Cookie Roller Session Mount is made

    Wednesday 25 April 2018, by Cookie

    Ever wonder what goes into making a Cookie Roller Session Mount—that sweet little snag-resistant case that protects your GoPro Session 4 or 5? In this video, Jason Cooke unveils the magic:

    Behind the scenes: How a Cookie Roller Session Mount is made from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

    The Cookie Roller Session Mount, which is available for $149 USD, includes both Fuel and G3 mounting bases and comes with the Cookie Multi Tool.

  • New Cookie loop T-shirts available

    Tuesday 5 December 2017, by Cookie

    Just in time for the holidays, we added a new color and design to our popular Cookie Loop T-shirt fleet. These short-sleeve shirts are a soft blend of cotton, polyester and rayon.

    The dark gray version has a rounded neck and is available in men’s sizes small through extra-large. We also offer a teal-colored, semi-fitted, v-neck style in ladies sizes extra-small through large. The shirts retail for $25 USD.

  • New product option: Fuel Cutaway Chinstrap

    Wednesday 29 March 2017, by Cookie

    Fuel fans now have a new option to latch up their helmet before exit. Cookie has re-designed our Fuel Cutaway Chinstrap to feature the same ease of use as our cutaway chin cup! This product allows users to quickly disconnect the chinstrap using a low-profile but easy-to-access cutaway handle.

    The Fuel Cutaway Chinstrap retails for $59 USD. Add this option to your new Fuel order by clicking the “configure” button. Or you can order the cutaway chinstrap separately and install it on your existing Fuel in a few simple steps.

  • Now available: GoPro Hero 5 Roller Mount

    Monday 13 February 2017, by Cookie

    If you have a GoPro Hero 5, we have great news for you! We now offer a mount specifically for the Hero 5. It’s used in conjunction with GoPro’s Underwater Housing and offers better protection for your camera.

    While our existing Hero 4 Roller Mount can be used to secure the Hero 5 to your lid, the new camera comes in a less durable case than other versions and is potentially too delicate for all skydiving situations.

    So we designed a new mount that fits the Hero 5 in GoPro’s Underwater Housing (sold separately). This option takes advantage of the extra protection given by the housing, as well as a revised and more secure roller mount geometry.

    The Hero 5 Roller Mount is available for the Fuel and G3

  • See you at PIA!

    Tuesday 7 February 2017, by Cookie

    Every two years, industry leaders, manufacturers and riggers share knowledge, unveil new products and help shape our sport during the Parachute Industry Association’s Symposium

    This year’s event will be held 13–17 February in Chattanooga, TN, and even though there’s no jumping, if you’re a skydiver, this is the place to be! There will be seminars and meetings during the day, and the expo hall will be in full swing each evening, followed by drinks, drinks and more drinks.

    Swing by the Cookie booth to check out our lids, view live product demonstrations, ask a question, pick up some cool schwag or just shoot the shit with the Cookie team. Hope to see you there!

  • Take a tour of the Cookie cube helmet bag

    Sunday 27 November 2016, by Cookie

    The Cookie Cube is the perfect helmet bag for the wind tunnel or drop zone. It has plenty of space for your favorite Cookie helmet, cameras, accessories, a jump suit and more! In this video, see what Jason Cooke keeps in his Cube and how it comes in handy at the end of the day:

    Take a tour of the Cookie cube helmet bag from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

  • Now available: Reversible Cookie beanies

    Saturday 5 November 2016, by Cookie

    Cookie beanies are here—and just in time for cooler weather! They’re perfect for chilly days at the drop zone or just hanging around town. And this stretchy, knit beanie reverses to give you twice the look. One side features a large Cookie loop logo and the other side is a smaller, traditional Cookie logo.

    The beanie retails for $19 USD. To get yours, contact your favorite Cookie dealer or place your order online today.

  • How to mount the Duel Top Plate on a Cookie Fuel helmet

    Sunday 30 October 2016, by Cookie

    Interested in a Fuel Dual Top Plate so you can fly two GoPros side by side? You no longer have to be without your Cookie Fuel helmet to install this mount. We designed and manufactured a drill jig so that you can mount this at home using a few simple tools.

    In this video, Cookie’s Jeremy Hunt takes you step by step through the simple process:

    How to install the Dual Top Plate on a Cookie Fuel helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.


    If you’d rather us mount the Dual Top Plate for you, no problem! Just fill out this RMA form and send us your Fuel. There’s no extra charge for installation—you just pay for shipping charges.

  • GoPro 5 cameras fit existing Cookie mounts

    Tuesday 18 October 2016, by Cookie

    Like most skydivers, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of GoPro’s new Session 5 and Hero 5 cameras. And we can now confirm that both cameras are compatible with existing Cookie mounting systems!

    The GoPro Session 5 fits our existing Roller Session perfectly. In addition, we made some improvements to the Roller Session, adding a rear window so users can gain access to the sync button for Wi-Fi remote operations.

    We also tested the fit of the GoPro Hero 5 to our Fuel and G3 Roller Mounts. While it’s not an exact fit compared to the Hero 4 camera case, it works well with our mounts. We are currently working toward a specific mount to provide an even better fitting solution for this model.

  • 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Cookie G3 Helmet

    Sunday 2 October 2016, by Cookie

    Just like any other piece of skydiving gear, proper maintenance of the Cookie G3 full-face skydiving helmet will ensure its best performance.

    In this video, Jason Cooke provides some tips to keep your lid in tip-top shape, including when to change the springs on the G3’s visor, how to clean its lens and liner, as well as the best way to travel with your helmet.

    5 Tip for Maintaining a Cookie G3 Helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

  • Now available: New mount for flat surfaces

    Saturday 17 September 2016, by Cookie

    Videographers — which pretty much means most skydivers — we have great news! We just released the Flat Base for Roller Mount, which lets you mount the unit to any flat surface. So, if used with the Fuel Dual Top Plate, you can mount two GoPros side by side!

    The mount must be used in conjunction with your existing (or a new) Cookie Roller Mount, which is sold separately (See Fuel Roller Mount or G3 Roller Mount).

    The Flat Base for Roller Mount retails for $22 USD. To get yours, contact your favorite Cookie dealer or place your order online today.

  • Join Cookie at CSC’s Drunken Fireside Chat

    Monday 8 August 2016, by Cookie

    Ever wonder how Jason Cooke, aka “Cookie,” got started in the skydiving helmet business? Here’s a hint: It might have something to do with his first malfunction. Here’s his story:

    I started jumping in the early ’90s when reliable AADs, audible altimeters and helmets were not in fashion, and booties, ZP stilettos and Vector Microns were yet to be spawned.

    Within my first year of jumping, I had thrown event last cent of my apprentice wages into the sport, hoping to get on the Aussie Largest Formation Skydiving record, a 50-way in Corowa NSW.

    My gear was an all-red Vector container, fitted with a second-hand Raven 2 main canopy and Raven 2 reserve. No RSL, no AAD, no audible altimeter and definitely no helmet.

    Due to my low jump numbers (~200) and success in the lead-up jumps, my slot for the record was next to the event organiser and Aussie skydiving legend John Stewart.

    The record attempts finally arrived. The ride to altitude was uneventful. Being in the base, I was only one row back from the door on exit. The pack up looked relaxed. “Ready … (deep breath) set … (I can do this) “Go!” … And that’s when shit went wrong. I managed to be lifted upward and speared my head into the top doorframe of the Twin Otter.

    “OH F*%K,” I yelled, seeing stars. Then, once I was free of the plane, blood started to flow.

    This was just the beginning of the events leading to Cookie’s first malfunction. He’ll share the rest of this story (plus shots of Jäger) during Chicagoland Skydiving Center’s Drunken Skydiver History - The Roast of Industry Legends event 12 August. You don’t want to miss this event, so head to CSC, if you can. If not, tune in to Blue Skies Magazine’s Facebook page at 8 p.m. for live coverage of the event, as conditions allow.

  • Congrats to Luke Aikins for breaking boundaries

    Saturday 30 July 2016, by Cookie

    Huge congratulations to Luke Aikins who went down in history tonight as the first person to skydive without a parachute or wingsuit! He made the jump from 25,000 feet and landed safely on his target — a 100-by-100 foot net. Luke and his aerial support team wore Cookie Fuel helmets for the jump. Watch the madness and cheers to Luke!  

  • Cap with Loop Logo

    Monday 18 April 2016, by Cookie

    We recently added black caps to our Cookie apparel line. The one-size-fits-all hats have the Cookie loop logo embroidered in red. They are the perfect for between jumps and tunnel sessions—or just around town. The Cookie loop subtly showcases the cycle of a skydiver from takeoff to landing.

    The caps retail for $25 USD. Click here to purchase.

  • Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup now available in purple

    Sunday 6 March 2016, by Cookie

    You asked for it, and we’re happy to deliver. We recently added purple to our fleet of Fuel Cutaway Chin Cups. The popular cutaway chin cup is now available in all 12 Fuel helmet colors.

    The Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup comes standard with a Coolmax™ chin pad and low-profile yet easy-to-access cutaway handle. The cutaway system requires minimum force to engage, even under heavy load. And for the times when you don’t want to use a cutaway system, it quickly converts to a fixed system, without any tools.

    Check out this video of the chin cup in action. Contact your favorite Cookie dealer to order a Fuel Chin Cup or place your order online today.


  • Holiday office closures

    Thursday 17 December 2015, by Cookie

    We hope you’re enjoying the last few days of 2015. Cookie’s sales and customer service teams in Australia will be closed from 18 December to 4 January 2016 so we can spend the holidays with our families and sky-friends. We hope you do the same!

    If you have any queries please contact Have a safe and fun-filled 2016. Fly Cookie!

  • Now Available: GoPro Hero4 Session Mount

    Sunday 6 December 2015, by Cookie

    The saying “good things come in small packages” is true! We were impressed by the tiny GoPro Session when it was released, but the mounting system just wasn’t built for skydivers—so we created one that is!

    Our 3-D machined, anodized aluminum case is built to last. It not only provides a snag-free solution, but it also keeps your GoPro Session in place while providing 90 degrees of angle adjustment. With easy access to the one-touch record, memory card slot and battery charging port, this camera never needs to leave the mount.

    This mount, priced at $149 USD, comes bundled with our new Cookie Multi-Tool and the Fuel and G3 mounting bases. The Roller Session Mount is available in limited quanities, so get one while you can! Order online today.  

  • U.S. Nationals is on!

    Wednesday 21 October 2015, by Cookie

    American teams have been training for this competition all year, and it’s about to go down at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. USPA Nationals runs from 21 October through 1 November, and includes formation skydiving, vertical formation skydiving, mixed formation skydiving, artistic and speed events.

    We wish the best of luck to all our Cookie athletes! We will be on site to show our support! Swing by the Cookie tent for some snacks or to just decompress between jumps.

    And boogie-goers, fear not. Halloween Carnivale will be in full swing beginning 30 October, with organized jumps, parties and nonstop fun! We’ll have demos and new gear to show off. Stop by the tent to check them out or just chill out between loads!


  • Fuel Dual Top Plate = Double the Camera Footage

    Monday 19 October 2015, by Cookie

    You asked for it. We’re happy to deliver! The Cookie Fuel Dual Top Plate is the most versatile top-mount camera assembly on the planet. It comes standard to fit two GoPro cameras side by side. It also has a mounting feature for two flatlock camera release plates, plus a host of other mounting solutions. The low-profile mount allows easy access for drilling holes into the helmet for the fitting of Turned On or remote-shutter release products.

    To ensure accurate positioning, we’ll mount the top plates for you. The Fuel Dual Top Plate is $149 USD, which includes factory fitting. If you want to add the Dual Top Plate to your existing Fuel helmet, please fill out this RMA form and ship it to us. Check out our product page for more information.

  • Cookie Multi-Tool: The Right Tool for the Job

    Sunday 11 October 2015, by Cookie

    Our Cookie helmet accessories can be quickly adjusted—even between loads—to suit your skydiving needs. But like most everything else, you need the right tool for the job.

    Great news: the Cookie Multi-Tool is now available. It comes with all the hex keys you need to fit the majority of Cookie helmets and camera accessories. And best of all, the bit loads are packaged very conveniently in the screwdriver handle. This keeps your gear bag tidy and tools easily accessible.

    The Multi-Tool is available for $14 USD on our website or through your favorite Cookie dealer. 

  • Cookie Headsocks Now Available

    Wednesday 30 September 2015, by Cookie

    Just in time for cooler temps, Cookie Headsocks are in stock and ready for sale. They’re the perfect option to keep the breeze off your neck on chilly skydives or catch the sweat when temps are soaring. Tunnel flyers, add the Headsock to your arsenal to keep longer hair tidy and reduce damaged ends. Choose between red, yellow or blue Cookie loop logos on a black background. Priced at $14 USD each, consider getting one for yourself and one for a friend. 

  • How to Install a Roller Mount on a G3

    Thursday 24 September 2015, by Cookie

    Skydivers are flocking to the Cookie Roller Mount as a secure alternative to the GoPro’s stock sticky-mount. Our Roller Mount keeps your GoPro camera stable and allows you to rotate the camera 75 degrees—so you can get sick shots from any angle. Another plus: This low-profile mount is designed to reduce snag risks. Here, learn how to accurately place and install the Roller Mount on your G3 helmet:

    How to Instal a Cookie Roller Mount on a G3 Helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.


    While this Roller Mount mates perfectly with the G3, its curved base marries well with many other curved surfaces.  

    The Cookie Roller Mount retails for $99 USD.

  • How to Install a Contour Mount on a G3

    Tuesday 18 August 2015, by Cookie

    Contour camera owners, this one’s for you! In this video, we show you how to install a mount to securely hold your Contour camera in place on the side of your Cookie G3 helmet. You only need a couple tools and a few minutes to install the mount. Here, Jason Cooke takes you step by step through the process:  

    The Cookie Contour Mount is available online for $60 USD. Fuel owners, in addition to the Contour Mount, you’ll also need the Fuel Side Mount to complete your setup. 

  • Cookie Now Offers Apparel

    Saturday 18 July 2015, by Cookie

    You’ve probably seen the sleek Cookie loop logo by now. And maybe you already know that it subtly showcases the cycle of a skydiver from takeoff to landing.

    We’re excited to debut our first line of Cookie apparel, featuring this image front and center. Cookie Tees and hoodies, both made exclusively for our brand, are now available for purchase.

    The soft and durable Tees are 100% cotton and come in three different colors: charcoal with the red loop, navy with a yellow loop, and black with a light blue loop. Perfect for cooler temps, high-quality hoodies, made from a cotton-polyester blend, come in black with a red loop outline.

    Men’s apparel is available in size small through 3XL. Women’s cuts come in XXS through XL. Cookie Tees retail for $25 USD and hoodies are $40 USD. Check them out or order online

  • Fluorescent Pink G3s Now Available

    Saturday 18 July 2015, by Cookie

    For all you pink-loving ladies (and gents), the wait is over! Fluorescent pink G3s are now in stock and available for sale. This color—along with tactical green and electric blue G3s and purple Fuels—is only available in limited quantities, so get one while you can!

    With the addition of fluorescent pink to the fleet, the G3 is now available in a total of 15 awesome colors. Order through your favorite Cookie dealer or on our website.

  • How to Change a G3’s Side Plates

    Friday 10 July 2015, by Cookie

    Are you looking for a fun way to fancy up your Cookie G3 helmet? A pair of side plates might fit the bill. They come in nine different colors and four styles to choose from, including camouflage and the sleek, Cookie loop logo. Or, if you prefer, you can get a custom design, logo or team name on the plates—just email your artwork to us. (Here’s more info about the format and file type needed.)

    Once you have your new side plates, it just takes a few minutes and a couple tools to install them. This video takes you step by step through the simple process.

    How to Change the Side Plates on a Cookie G3 Helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

    You can order new side plates online or through your favorite Cookie dealer.   

  • How to Install the Fuel’s Cutaway Chin Cup

    Thursday 25 June 2015, by Cookie

    Hey, Cookie Fuel owners: If you have a camera setup on your helmet, you might want to consider getting the cutaway chin cup. Cameras add snag points, even when used with low-profile mounts. In the event you need to cut away your helmet, the Fuel’s chin cup has an easy-to-access release handle. It is easy to pull the handle and to re-instate when practicing your emergency procedures. Sweet, right? Another plus: The chin cup is easy to install on your Fuel helmet. Here are some step-by-step instructions to guide you through the simple process.

    How to Install the Cookie Cutaway Chin Cup on the Fuel Helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

    Ready to outfit your Fuel helmet with the cutaway chin cup? Order online.

  • How to Change the Springs in a G3 Helmet

    Friday 12 June 2015, by Cookie

    If you haven’t changed the springs in your Cookie G3 helmet in more than a year—or if you didn’t even realize it had springs—this video is for you.

    Just like any gear, the springs in the G3’s visor locking mechanism can wear out or even break over time. We recommend replacing both springs at the same time, at least annually, as well as storing your helmet with the visor closed. This regular maintenance helps keep the visor firmly closed throughout your skydive.

    This video takes you step by step through the simple process of changing the springs in a G3.

    How to Replace the Springs in Your Cookie G3 Helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

    Need to order springs? A package that includes six springs and two replacement screws retails for $15.

  • Fuel Flat Lock Adapter Now Available

    Wednesday 10 June 2015, by Cookie

    Videographers, rejoice! The Fuel Flat Lock Adapter is now available for sale online or through your favorite Cookie dealer. This easy-to-install adapter provides a secure option for top-mounted video and still cameras. We created this for Fuel lovers who want to take their open-face helmet to the next level, as well as for camera flyers who have been waiting for a low-profile top-mount to create the perfect work helmet.

    When combined with the Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup, you can get the high-quality images you’re after with the peace of mind that an easy-to-use cutaway system has your back. The Flat Lock Adapter retails for $27 USD. You can purchase the Flat Lock Camera Mount separately for $109 USD.


  • Good Luck to Our Aussie Mates

    Wednesday 27 May 2015, by Cookie

    The Aussies are at it again, prepping to set a new large-formation skydiving record for the country. The current national record, which stands at 112, was set on June 13, 2010, with the help of the P3 team at Skydive Perris in California. The Aussies have returned, nearly five years later, to crush that record—and it looks very promising.

    After battling some bad weather during the practice days and final camp, the skies cleared and loads are turning. Official record jumps begin tomorrow, 28 May, and continue through the weekend. According to Greg Jack, who was instrumental in organizing the event, they’ll be shooting for 130-plus … to start! Awesome.

    We wish the best of luck and mad skills to all our Aussie mates, Cookie fans and sponsored athletes. We’re cheering for you!

  • How to Change a G3 Visor

    Monday 25 May 2015, by Cookie

    Are you switching from a clear to a tinted visor for your G3 Cookie helmet? Or perhaps you just want a brand-spanking new visor for the upcoming skydiving season or before your next tunnel comp? This brief video shows how simple it is to change G3 visors. It’s so easy that you can do it in minutes, in between jumps.

    Need to order a new visor? Visit our online shop or order through one of our dealers.

  • Attention Fuel Owners

    Friday 1 May 2015, by Cookie

    If you own the Cookie Fuel Cutaway Chin Strap, periodically check for wear on the strap’s webbing, particularly near the mounting screws and cutaway cable. This is a high-wear area, and like any webbing in skydiving, it degrades with time and use. Excessive wear can cause the chin strap to fail, resulting in the loss of your helmet.

    If you discover excessive wear on the strap, please contact We'll replace your chin strap with a Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup at no cost.

    Note: This notice is only for the Fuel Cutaway Chin Strap. Its replacement, the Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup, which was released in December 2014, is not affected.

  • Cookie Patches Now Available

    Thursday 23 April 2015, by Cookie

    What’s better than a sweet, new Cookie patch? Three of them. The subtle, clean design features the Cookie loop logo, which cleverly shows the cycle of a skydiver from takeoff to landing. In the center of the design is a cloud, symbolizing our playground. Patches, each 70 millimeters (about 2.75 inches) in diameter, come in packs of three. Each pack contains one red, one blue and one yellow patch. The three-pack of patches retails for $10 USD. Add a pack to your next Cookie order or get one now.  

  • G3 and Fuel Now Available in New Colors

    Thursday 9 April 2015, by Cookie

    If you’ve been holding off on buying a Cookie helmet in hopes it would come in a specific color, your wait may be over. We’re offering a limited edition of new colors for the full-face G3 and open-face Fuel helmets. In addition to the 12 colors already available for the G3, it is now available in tactical green and electric blue. Fluorescent pink will be added to the lineup in June. We added purple to the Fuel’s fleet of 11 colors. We have a limited supply of each color and they are sure to go quickly, so secure your order today. 

  • Tour the Cookie Booth at PIA

    Tuesday 7 April 2015, by Cookie

    And it’s a wrap! The 2015 Parachute Industry Association’s Symposium, held 30 March to 2 April, went down as one of the best in history. Our Cookie booth was hopping each night, as we connected with new and existing customers and friends. At this year’s booth, we unveiled our next helmet, the M3. It’s an open-face helmet that will be released this fall. We also showcased the G3 and Fuel in four hot, new colors. And last, but not certainly not least, we provided a sneak peek at some of the sweet Cookie threads that will be available this summer.

    If you didn’t make it PIA, no worries. Here, Jason Cooke, co-owner of Cookie, takes you on a virtual tour of the booth:

    Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels or check back here for more information on our new products and release dates.

  • Cookie Team Heads to PIA

    Thursday 26 March 2015, by Cookie

    Every two years, industry leaders, manufacturers and riggers gather to share knowledge, showcase new products and create lasting friendships—often over a beer or several—at the Parachute Industry Association’s Symposium. Whether you’re a new skydiver or a 40-year veteran, it’s the place to be. And this year’s event will be held 30 March to 2 April at Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort in Florida.

    There will be seminars and meetings during the day, but save some steam for the expo hall. 

    Swing by the Cookie booth to check out our new products, try on a G3 or Fuel, view live product demonstrations, ask a question, pick up some cool schwag or just shoot the shit with the Cookie team.

    Can’t make it to Florida? No worries. Skydive TV will give you a virtual tour of the Cookie booth and the new products featured. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels or check back here to see the video clip. 

  • How to Easily Open a G3

    Wednesday 18 March 2015, by Cookie

    So you have a sweet, brand-new G3. That in itself is pretty damn cool—however how do you open the visor?

    It really is quite easy, and much to your friends’ amazement, you can even do it when it’s not on your head. This video shares tips for opening your G3 visor smoothly and quickly, each and every time.

  • Paraclete XP Hosts Indoor Tunnel Comp

    Thursday 26 February 2015, by Cookie

    Top skydiving and tunnel teams are heading to Raeford, North Carolina, for the sixth annual Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving Championships this weekend, 28 February through 1 March.

    From rookies to pros, there’s something for everyone. Events include 4-way VFS, 4-way FS (open, intermediate and rookie classes) and 8-way (open and rookie).

    This year’s competition should be fierce, as there are already 32 4-way teams and nine 8-way teams registered, including all the U.S. Teams, according to Paraclete’s John D'Annunzio. With a $7,000 prize pool and about 10 hours of tunnel time up for grabs, it’s no wonder why!

    The action starts Saturday morning with the draw at 7:30 and comp immediately following. If you don’t happen to be in Raeford, no worries. Grab a beer or bloody mary and watch the live stream from the comfort of your home. 

    Good luck to all competitors; we love to see our G3s in action! We’ll be cheering on Cookie field rep Nick Grillet and his team, Carolina Turbo XP, as well as Arizona Airspeed, SDC Core, Paraclete XP8 and all our Cookie athletes and fans.  

  • Turned On

    Thursday 22 January 2015, by Cookie

    Our HQ in Australia has just received stock of the new Turned On Go Pro camera Indicator light.

    These are currently only available to our Australian customers

    Click here to view more information 

  • Sisters In Skydiving: AZ Edition

    Wednesday 21 January 2015, by Cookie

    If you’re like most DZ guys, you’re tired of the guy-to-girl ratio being way out of whack—seriously, it’s 85% dudes. And if you’re like most ladies, you want more cool chicks in the sport. Mission accomplished, thanks to Sisters In Skydiving, a mentorship program for women. This weekend, 23-25 January, Skydive Arizona will host the largest SIS boogie to date. Ladies, bring your pompoms to the Homecoming-themed event, because there’s a lot to celebrate.

    Nick G. will have the Cookie tent set up with demos available for all to check out. If you’re new to skydiving and looking for an open-face helmet that you can add to as you get more experience, the Fuel fits that bill. If you’re not a fan of the wind on your face or just prefer a sleek, full-face helmet, go with the G3. Better yet, take them each for a spin, and see which you like better!

    There will be fun jumps organized throughout the weekend, and on Saturday, Cookie athletes Sara Curtis of Arizona Arsenal and Brianne Thompson of Axis Flight School will be leading head-down and belly formation camps. Plus there is tunnel time booked for all experience levels, dinners and girl-time galore.

    Make sure you stick around for the raffle. One lucky lady will receive 50% off a Cookie helmet of her choice. Check the Cookie Facebook page for updates, and see you this weekend.

  • Cookie Heads to BPA’s Skydive Expo

    Thursday 15 January 2015, by Cookie

    The weather might not be perfect for jumping in Nottingham this time of year, but next week hundreds of skydivers will be heading that way. Why? The 2015 British Parachute Association’s Skydive the Expo will be held next Saturday, 24 January, at East Midlands Conference Center. It’s a free event that is an absolute must for anyone who loves skydiving.

    Get there early, because the day is chock full of awesome presentations, seminars and forums. But the first stop should be to check out the exhibits.

    Our Euro-reps, Al and Pixie, will have a booth and can answer all your Cookie questions. Try on G3 and Fuel helmets—demos will be available in all sizes. Check out the Fuel Chincup’s sleek new cutaway system in action, and see how your favorite gadgets, mounts and accessories can fit on your next helmet. Or just swing by to pick up a free decal and say, “hi.”

    In typical skydiver fashion, the event will continue into the night, with three bands and a party that will rock until the wee hours in the morn.

    Check out the Cookie Facebook page for updates. See you there!

  • Cookie Holiday Closure

    Friday 19 December 2014, by Cookie

    Happy Holidays 

    Our Sales and Support Team Offices  in Australia will be closed from the 22nd December returning the 5th January 2015

    Our Manufacturing and Shipping Team Offices in the USA will be on closed from the 25th December to the 2nd January 2015


    If you have any queries please contact


    Have a Safe and Prosperous 2015


    Fly Cookie

  • Fuel Chin Cup Now Available

    Wednesday 3 December 2014, by Cookie

    Just in time for the holidays, Cookie’s Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup is now available for sale. Cookie has been developing this unique and innovative release system for more than a year. The sleek design comes in all 11 Fuel colors and includes these awesome features:

    • Coolmax™ chin pad. A breathable and high-performance wicking material that feels soft against the skin.

    • Low profile and easy to access cutaway handle.

    • Requires minimum force to engage, even under heavy load.

    • Quickly converts to a fixed system, without any tools, for the times you don’t need a cutaway system.

    • Tested under the Fédération Française de Parachutisme’s standards. 

    Check out this video of the chin cup in action.

    Contact your favorite Cookie dealer to order a Fuel Chin Cup or place your order online today.


  • 1st FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving

    Thursday 13 November 2014, by Cookie

    The First FAI indoor World Cup is on from November 11th-16th at iFly Indoor Skydiving in Austin Texas USA.

    Here is a link to the live feed once the competition commences.

    We will have our USA tour representative Nick Grillet on site for the event. Nick will be providing some updates as the competition progresses so please say hi to Nick.

  • Fuel ChinCup and Cutaway Video

    Wednesday 22 October 2014, by Cookie

    Here is a short clip of our upcoming Fuel ChinCup with Release System:


  • Roller Mount fits GoPro Hero 4

    Friday 10 October 2014, by Cookie

    Since GoPro's release of the new Hero 4 model we have been waiting patiently to see if the new camera size and profile had changed.

    The good news is NO CHANGES to the Camera Enclosure shape which means that the New GoPro 4 model will fit into our current range of Roller Mounts. Specifcally the 3+ Version.

    Order your roller mount here

  • World War XP

    Thursday 2 October 2014, by Cookie

    We are not too far away from this event at Paraclete XP in Raeford NC USA. If you are attending please say hi to Nick Grillet our on site Cookie Representative for assistance and information

    This event will be streamed live so make sure where ever you are, tune in to watch the World War un-fold. Will the local lads continue there on going winning form?

  • Come check us out at Chicks Rock

    Wednesday 24 September 2014, by Cookie

    Got a question or want to test a helmet? Come and say hi to Nick at Skydive Elsinore during Chicks Rock. October 2-5.

    More info on the event here

    See you there!

  • US Nationals

    Thursday 4 September 2014, by Cookie

    2014 US Nationals at Skydive Chicago

    The US nationals event has just been completed at Skydive Chicago.
    A big shout out to all our athletes competing and congratulations to all the event class winners.

    Also lets all pay a tribute to retiring Arizona Airspeed Team member Mark Kirkby. Mark's acheivement in our sport sets him apart from the rest.


    These images are courtesy of Randy Swallows Photography Omniskore provided on site coverage of the event and scores and details can be found here

  • PD Factory Team / Flight-1

    Wednesday 2 July 2014, by Cookie

    Not long ago we welcomed one of the most progressive group of skydivers in the planet to our crew. The PD Factory Team / Flyght-1 guys and girls are responsible for pushing the limits when it comes to canopy piloting. For more info on them head to their website: 

  • Say hello to our new website

    Saturday 19 April 2014, by Cookie

    A new look for Cookie that not only allows us to better showcase our products and features but also enjoy the awesome images created by you. You too could be front and centre on Cookie home page, just Instagram #cookiehelmets #cookieg3 #cookiefuel