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  • Good Luck to Our Aussie Mates

    Wednesday 27 May 2015, by Cookie

    The Aussies are at it again, prepping to set a new large-formation skydiving record for the country. The current national record, which stands at 112, was set on June 13, 2010, with the help of the P3 team at Skydive Perris in California. The Aussies have returned, nearly five years later, to crush that record—and it looks very promising.

    After battling some bad weather during the practice days and final camp, the skies cleared and loads are turning. Official record jumps begin tomorrow, 28 May, and continue through the weekend. According to Greg Jack, who was instrumental in organizing the event, they’ll be shooting for 130-plus … to start! Awesome.

    We wish the best of luck and mad skills to all our Aussie mates, Cookie fans and sponsored athletes. We’re cheering for you!