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  • How to Install the Fuel’s Cutaway Chin Cup

    Thursday 25 June 2015, by Cookie

    Hey, Cookie Fuel owners: If you have a camera setup on your helmet, you might want to consider getting the cutaway chin cup. Cameras add snag points, even when used with low-profile mounts. In the event you need to cut away your helmet, the Fuel’s chin cup has an easy-to-access release handle. It is easy to pull the handle and to re-instate when practicing your emergency procedures. Sweet, right? Another plus: The chin cup is easy to install on your Fuel helmet. Here are some step-by-step instructions to guide you through the simple process.

    How to Install the Cookie Cutaway Chin Cup on the Fuel Helmet from Cookie Helmets on Vimeo.

    Ready to outfit your Fuel helmet with the cutaway chin cup? Order online.