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  • Sisters In Skydiving: AZ Edition

    Wednesday 21 January 2015, by Cookie

    If you’re like most DZ guys, you’re tired of the guy-to-girl ratio being way out of whack—seriously, it’s 85% dudes. And if you’re like most ladies, you want more cool chicks in the sport. Mission accomplished, thanks to Sisters In Skydiving, a mentorship program for women. This weekend, 23-25 January, Skydive Arizona will host the largest SIS boogie to date. Ladies, bring your pompoms to the Homecoming-themed event, because there’s a lot to celebrate.

    Nick G. will have the Cookie tent set up with demos available for all to check out. If you’re new to skydiving and looking for an open-face helmet that you can add to as you get more experience, the Fuel fits that bill. If you’re not a fan of the wind on your face or just prefer a sleek, full-face helmet, go with the G3. Better yet, take them each for a spin, and see which you like better!

    There will be fun jumps organized throughout the weekend, and on Saturday, Cookie athletes Sara Curtis of Arizona Arsenal and Brianne Thompson of Axis Flight School will be leading head-down and belly formation camps. Plus there is tunnel time booked for all experience levels, dinners and girl-time galore.

    Make sure you stick around for the raffle. One lucky lady will receive 50% off a Cookie helmet of her choice. Check the Cookie Facebook page for updates, and see you this weekend.