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Cookie Composites have been building skydiving helmets, camera mounts and helmet accessories since 2001. We are constantly evaluating the latest digital video equipment to determine which ones are suitable for our skydiving needs so we can build custom helmet mounting solutions. The owners of Cookie Composite Jason and Jeremy have a solid history as competitive skydivers and this passion drives the innovation that is seen within our current range of helmets. We have offices in Queensland Australia and Utah USA.

G4 Skydiving Helmet (Full Face Skydiving Helmet)

Inspired by World Champion Athletes, one of our most popular helmets is the G4 Skydiving Helmet. Our G4 skydiving helmet created a new design direction for all current skydiving helmets. Firstly the G4 helmets lower jaw line opened new levels of communication among skydivers with the ability for the user to enjoy panoramic vision. Couple this with an optically crafted 2mm anti-fog polycarbonate lens and unique closure system, the G4 full face skydiving helmet has set the standard amongst all skydivers and wind tunnels flyers.


It provides lower rear head protection and is certified for use in skydiving and the wind tunnel (indoor skydiving). It has easy to insert audible pockets and tuneable ventilation switches for cooling and fog reduction.  The G4 helmets are made to order and come in 15 different colors and six sizes. We usually ship these within 3-5 weeks. Custom engraving is available for the G4 aluminium side plates.

g4 skydiving helmet


M3 Skydiving Helmet (Open Face Skydiving Helmet)

For the Freeflyer and Camera Flyer, it is hard to surpass our M3 Skydiving Helmet. It was designed to the new Parachuting Helmet Standard in mind. It's features are unique to skydiving including impact protection, snag reduction and the ability to remove the helmet under load. This is a leap in skydiving helmet innovation. 

The M3 Skydiving Helmet also has a sweat-resistant exchangable liner, one handed quick release buckle tested under 500N load and includes two internal audible altimeter pockets. It comes in 7 colors and 6 sizes. Order yours today

M3 skydiving helmet open face


Fuel Skydiving Helmet

The modular design of the Fuel open face skydiving helmet easily allows the user to add functional features. These include audible altimeter windows. Go Pro Video Cameras , Chincups for extra stability and side mounts. A Pro Camera Setup is also configurable with our Fuel Dual Top Mount with optional Flatlocks. The Fuel helmet is available in 12 colors and can be color coordinated with the Fuel Chincup and Cutaway. We also offer a myriad of helmet accessories such as the Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup,GoPro Block, GoPro Wifi Arm Band and many more to suit your tunnel and skydiving needs.

Take a look at our skydiving helmets, skydiving helmet camera mounts, as well as our GoPro helmet mounts and accessories and please contact us if you have any questions. We care about our fellow adventurers and will take the time to answer any questions you may have about our helmets, camera mounts, or our helmet accessories. 

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